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General principles

Structural health monitoring systems (SHM-system) are based on several methods of non-destructive testing providing a highly reliable and timely detection of all kinds of constructional and operational defects of the tested zones.


  • Increase in the level of operating safety of objects due to revealing of changes of the technical condition in real time.
  • Timely detection of places of accumulation of damages and establishment of their character and hazard evaluation.
  • Continuous testing (monitoring) of the technical condition of objects on-stream through various methods of non-destructive testing, stress-strain state, measurement of working parameters of the technological process and tracking the factors influencing damageability of the object.

Concept of SHM-system Construction

Lel-M /A-Line 32D (DDM-M)/, functionally consist of three basic parts: the measuring, computing and executive ones.

The measuring part consists of various diagnostic and parametrical sensors.

The computing part is implemented in the central computer station.

Filling, i.e. methods and means, of each component varies depending on the tested object and the goals of monitoring.
A flexible structure characteristic of systems of distributed type allows using various modifications.


SHM-system Functional Diagram


  • Intellectual equipment of SHM-system developed in view of the results of preliminary natural testing, theoretical calculations and modeling.
  • Lossless and distortionless remote digital data transmission from measuring units.
  • Location of MMEPV in the required places of the objects and digitization of AE signals directly at the tested object.
  • Opportunity of system expansion up to the necessary number of measuring channels with preservation of time synchronization
  • Accessible perception and estimation of the results of monitoring by means of mnemonic schemes of visualization and command of the SHM-system.
  • Integration with control stations for increase in efficiency of reaction in critical situations.
  • Usability.
  • High reliability and long-term service.

Structure of A-Line 32D (DDM-M) SHM-system

 – one or several measuring lines joining up to ten MMEPV each, going directly from the central computer station. It is applied at monitoring of a small amount of constructions within the limits of one object;
 – many measuring lines joined by concentrators transferring data to the central computer station. It is applied at monitoring of a large object or several local groups of objects;
 – a large volume of measuring lines or several concentrators joined by intermediate stations transferring data to the central computer station. It is applied for covering a complex of close-spaced objects by the SHM-system.