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Service maintenance and equipment modernization

Complex maintenance of our production equipment
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Our company produces high-quality and reliable equipment with a long service life, however, like any complex and expensive technical device, it requires a careful and respectful attitude. In our experience, time and money spent for service maintenance will more than pay off in the course of many years of operation of our products without failures and unpleasant surprises. It is more convenient and cheaper to carry out similar maintenance together with periodic verification of equipment that is a means of measurement. In this case, we will conduct diagnostics of the equipment free of charge, and our experts will carry out verification of its measurement characteristics jointly with the specialists of NICPV JSC, who will issue a certificate of verification of the state sample. If in the course of diagnostics or while checking the characteristics of the equipment its faults or significant defects in operation are detected, we will promptly eliminate them, but only after agreeing the list of works with the client, since we adhere to the principles of transparency and openness in our work.

The equipment supplied by us includes a large number of electronic components, computer components and sensitive elements, both manufactured by us and third-party manufacturers. Their failure during the warranty period of operation of the product is unlikely, but it is not excluded. In such a case, customers will certainly be offered warranty repair at our expense. We value our reputation.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, equipment failure occurs as a result of natural aging of its computer nodes and components, as well as the impact of external mechanical and climatic factors. In this case, we offer the optimal solution for repair or modernization of the equipment, depending on the degree of damage or deterioration of the parts of the complex and customer preferences..

Our clients are guaranteed an individual approach to the solution of emerging problems, the services of qualified specialists in the development and installation of equipment, free software updates and attentive attitude of our staff.

Our company produces high-quality products, the service life of which often exceeds 10 years. During this time in the IT industry, several generations of software and hardware solutions sometimes changes. Since our complexes are built on the basis of industrial computers and are accompanied by serious software, the service for upgrading the computational part of acoustic emission complexes and monitoring systems is in demand. At the same time, morally and physically obsolete computer components, worn out input-output devices, HDD, cases and operating system are replaced with new and modern ones, and the boards and blocks of our production are rearranged to the updated computer platform. Such modernization will increase the consumer quality of the complex and the convenience of working with it, and will also allow the use of modern computer technologies and software without significant material costs, since the most expensive part of the complex: AE-cards and components will not be replaced by new ones.

A notable example of the modernization of the computational part of the A-Line complexes is the popular replacement for our users of the integration of the Portable computing part on the EthernetBox. In addition, our developers and programmers are fruitfully working, new generations of systems and devices are emerging, we are introducing innovative technologies and advanced methodological achievements. Therefore, we welcome and stimulate the wishes of our customers for the modernization of the acoustic-emission part of the complexes. At the same time, we can take replacement blocks and components of our production in offset of the cost of modernization or newly purchased products (trade-in type). For example, a significant number of our customers who previously purchased ISA / PCI systems with analog data transmission subsequently became the owners of new DDM-type complexes with digital data transmission as a result of trade-in. At present, we are planning a similar action with the replacement of DDM complexes with the newest DDM-2-type complexes on favorable terms.

And, finally, in the course of the development of any enterprise, the expansion of the horizons of its capabilities is natural, so our customers who once acquired the system often turn to us to increase the channel capacity of the complex, thus replenishing the luggage of their capabilities. Therefore, we are developing the architecture of our complexes uniquely flexible in order to maximize, facilitate and reduce the cost of this process. So, for example, to increase the number of channels of DDM-type AE complexes, as a rule, no involvement of our or third-party specialists is required, since the system automatically determines its composition and is configured to work with such a hardware configuration that is currently available.