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Acoustic emission (AE) control is a complex and effective method of nondestructive testing, which has a high sensitivity to the detection of cracks, delaminations, as well as the failure of welded joints. It can be used to diagnose a wide range of equipment - tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, rotary mechanisms, handling equipment, buildings and structures. AE control is applicable for various types of materials - metals and alloys, concretes and composites.

The list of possible objects of AE control application is much wider than the list of already approved standard methodologies. Unique and non-standard equipment requires the development of original control methodologies, including the determination of the installation sites for AE converters, taking into account the design and technological features of the equipment being monitored, selecting a loading program, determining the settings of the data acquisition system, and selecting informative and criterial AE control parameters.

INTERUNIS-IT develops specialized methodologies for conducting acoustic-emission control of certain types of equipment, taking into account the unique properties and features of technical devices.

The specialists of INTERUNIS-IT developed

  • methodology of acoustic emission control of transitions of main gas pipelines through water barriers, roads and railways;
  • methodology of acoustic emission control of slide and wedge gate valves;
  • methodology for assessing the tightness of shut-off valves using the acoustic-emission method of control;
  • methodology of acoustic emission control of vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil products;
  • methodology of acoustic emission control of the diagnostics of side frames and bolster beams;
  • methodology of acoustic emission control of high-pressure cylinders.
  • Methodical recommendations for acoustical emission control of walking excavators and for roller bearings of rotating furnaces are proposed.

INTERUNIS-IT specialists are ready to develop specialized methodologies of acoustic emission control of any types of equipment, as well as to assist in the adaptation of methodologies to real production conditions.

INTERUNIS-IT specialists can assist in carrying out acoustical-emission control, both with the departure for participation in the organization of control, and in the form of remote consultations.

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • demonstration of equipment operation in field or factory conditions;
  • matching of types of acoustic emission sensors and the way of their arrangement;
  • carrying out calibration measurements and setting up a data collection system;
  • the development of a test program for the object of control;
  • expert data processing, noise filtering, identification of AE sources.

To solve the tasks assigned to the customers INTERUNIS-IT specialists can carry out research and development work, tests, various studies in the field of acoustic emission. On the basis of these works methodologies of conducting AE control can be developed taking into account unique properties and technical features of objects.

The employees of INTERUNIS-IT have a wide experience in research and development. Among the researches carried out by employees of INTERUNIS-IT:

  • Investigation of the patterns of development of stress corrosion caused by cyclic thermal exposure.
  • Investigation of the patterns of development of fatigue defects.
  • Investigation of the possibility of applying the acoustic emission method for evaluating the fracture toughness of brittle coatings.
  • Investigation of patterns of destruction of composite materials.
  • Research and development of the acoustic method of leak testing.
  • Development of a method for predicting the strength of concrete by means of acoustic emission.