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Equipment rent

A practical and inexpensive way to solve problems of varying complexity in combination with the opportunity to get to know our products in the working environment
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Our company offers rental services for own equipment. At the same time, you can be sure that you will receive a reliable tool at your disposal, since our qualified specialists will check the completeness and working capacity of the equipment both before transferring it to the lessee and after returning it from a regular lease. Leased equipment is provided with all necessary documents, including valid metrological certificates and certificates.

We are renting our equipment in inexpensive short-term to companies that doubt the advisability of a one-time purchase and would like to first test its possibilities in practice. Beginners are also encouraged to use the training services. If you know our equipment well, but you need to expand the range of your capabilities for some time, then we will be happy to help you.

Partner companies focused on solving serious problems, we are also ready to provide new equipment for long-term lease with the right to buy out (leasing).

We always go to meet our customers, taking into account their wishes for terms and payments.